Friday, December 01, 2006

Podcast with Ken Hess, curriculum coordinator

Ken Hess, Curriculum Coordinator for Management Courses

This is the first interview in the podcast series. Ken was kind enough to share his advice about the types of resources students should be taking advantage of during their studies at Metropolitan State University.

MCpodcast_01Hess (streaming MP3)

  • 1:14 Introduction and Ken's Background

  • 1:57 Interesting jobs graduates have found

  • 3:00 What sets COM graduates apart from the competition

  • 5:25 Resources available to students through Metropolitan State University

  • 8:25 Where should students look to be more aware of their industries

  • 10:25 How much time should students commit to their classes

  • 13:00 Career advice Ken has received

  • 16:37 End