Wednesday, December 24, 2008

HTML_Cleaner Program Updated

Just a quick notice that I've updated my HTML_Cleaner program, and the current update will run through May 31, 2009.
HTML Cleaner
The program performs the following actions:
  • strips out all the inline "Microsoft junk" added into HTML files which are FILE > SAVE AS > FILTERED HTML. It makes "plain vanilla" HTML out of these files.
  • creates thumbnail-sized linked images (to the full size versions) and enforces ALT tags for all <img> tags found in the document
  • allows the inclusion of an external CSS stylesheet link.
Get the update at:

Web and Media Accessibility Standards for Minnesota

If you are an educator in Minnesota, here are some links to check out regarding your obligations for making content accessible to individuals with disabilities.

MnSCU Webmasters have developed a series of Web Accessibility Guidelines based on the W3.ORG and Section 508.

Friday, December 19, 2008

Network Speed Test

Does your Internet connection seem to be creeping along?
Is it your connection, or all the "junk" in your browser and background applications?

A quick way to test is to go to the SpeakEasy.Net website for their Internet Connection Speed Test. The test allows you to choose servers from various parts of the country. It has even has a "car-like" speedometer.
Check out the Speedtest.