Sunday, April 13, 2008

OOOPS, I did it (finally) - FEATURED on YouTube's Homepage

Photograph of James
I guess I really did it this time....
Below you'll find a blog about "American Election Song" that I did to demo how online sites like YouTube could be used to create collaborations between students at a distance.
Well.... I guess on April 9th that the video was featured on the HOME PAGE of YouTube.
So far it has gotten over 300,000 views!
Here is the link to the video on YouTube.
You can hear the FINISHED version of the song at:
(make sure to listen to this!)
My best friend, Chris Snow, deserves much credit for putting my lyrics to music and using his beautiful voice to record the song.
This is amazing, and it flatters me that so many people have sent me emails of praise about the video (and song). Great, great, great week!!!

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Editor said...

Very cool idea. The song turned out great.

By the way, I'm a student at Metro State here in Minnesota. So, I guess we're neighbors.

Best regards,

Kenny Bellew