Friday, August 21, 2009

Skydrive for 25GB of Sharable Web Space


Microsoft is offering 25GB of online web space in their Live.Com accounts. The space is called Skydrive, and you can set each folder to different permissions (private, public, networked friends, specific email addresses).

This might be a great way to distribute self-generated media to students without all the extra hassles and delays associated with posting content on a campus web server. Also - the site handles the login / password authentication for you -- making the distribution as easy as setting up a list of email addresses which can access the content.

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andykirk said...

Hi James,

I picked up on your site after doing a search for Prezi in teaching, but was also pleased to see some posts regarding D2L which my school is about to get started with.

How do you see Skydrive measuring up against Google Docs?