Friday, August 28, 2009

Up Your Productivity with Twice the Desktop

In the market for an LCD television? Make sure that you get one which has computer inputs (VGA/PC or DVI). Run a cable from the TV to your laptop and work on a second desktop.

According to an article in USA Today, having the second monitor increases your work productivity by as much as 50%.

I've used dual monitors for almost a decade, and I can really feel the slowdown when I have to work on one screen.

If you would like to try using a dual screen with your laptop - simply borrow any LCD monitor and connect it to the external video port. On my campus website I have added a link to provide instructions.

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thelearningcoach said...

One small caveat to this excellent post: Before you invest in buying (or moving:) a second monitor to your existing setup, make sure your system can handle additional monitors without merely mirroring the first screenspace. I had a bit of a shock back in 2001, when I bought a laptop and only afterwards found out it would not support separate monitor displays (I learned an important question to ask when computer shopping!:)).